Q: What kind of paints and glitter do you use?

A: Paint is for houses and cars, not for little faces. We use only the highest quality, water-based theatrical make up. It looks like paint (and we do call it face painting), but it is actually designed for the skin. I love adding sparkle and glitter to my designs. The glitter I use is also specially designed for skin. It is a non-metallic, cosmetic grade glitter. Note: Poster paints, acrylics or arts and crafts paints and glitters should NEVER be used on skin and especially around the eye area.

What about sensitive skin and allergies?

A: The products we use are especially friendly to sensitive skin. We use Kryolan, Mehron, and Wolfe Brothers products. If your child has very sensitive skin, we would recommend having us do a small test patch area first.

Does the paint come off easily?

A: Yes. Simply wash off with soap and warm water. For full-face designs I recommend using baby shampoo. That way you can wash around the eye area with minimal irritation.

How about staining clothes or carpeting, etc.?

A: Any make up has the potential to stain certain materials. We take every precaution to protect against mishaps. Our work is not messy. The "paints" are in a solid cake form and are used with a small amount of water. We do, however, ask to be set up on a non-carpeted area for the face painting.

Q: Do I need to set up anything before your arrival?

A: Not much... we bring everything. The only thing we will need is a shaded area (if outside). We may need extra lighting if it is outside in the evening or inside a dim room. Plan to have us set up indoors if the weather is nasty (windy, hot, cold, and of course, raining).

Q: What is the ideal age range for your services?

A: Kids of all ages love face painting. However, children three years or older seem to be the biggest face painting fans. Very young children prefer to sit on mom or dad's lap and get a very quick, simple design on their arm or back of hand. I find mom and dad sometimes enjoy getting their cheek and face done as much as the kids do.